Elfin Gachsaran Company - آتیه گستر همکاران

Elfin Gachsaran Company

The purpose of constructing the Gachsaran Petrochemical Project is to supply feed to the West Petrochemical Complex (located on the West Ethylene National Pipeline) as well as the petrochemical complexes in the Dena region, including Mamasani, Dehdasht, Borujen and Kazerun quadruple petrochemicals. Thus, the product of ethylene grade polymer produced in Gachsaran Petrochemical with a length of approximately 700 km is transferred as feed for 4 petrochemicals of this company.

Therefore, Gachsaran Petrochemical Company was established on 4/15/2003 and the construction of the complex began on a 122-hectare land in the Chavar section, 18 kilometers northwest of Ilam city.

Project information

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